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Meet SkinDetective:

Your reliable skin health companion.

Skin diseases affect 1.9 billion people and are among the most common complaints in primary care, affecting 30-70% people. However, dermatologists are consistently in short supply, particularly in rural areas. We aim at developing an AI-powered smartphone app for automatic detection of skin diseases and connect patients to dermatologists for consultation. By using the app, user can receive automatic evaluations from the app about their skin condition. If desired, they will also receive consultation from dermatologists and can make appointments for further check-up.

It has been previously demonstrated that AI achieved equal or higher accuracy than dermatologists in detecting important skin diseases, such as skin cancers. We plan to expand the use of AI to detection of other common skin diseases. Such an AI app will be affordable, widely accessible, accurate, easy-to-use, and will significantly increase access to high quality dermatological care for people around the world.

In the next 3 years, SkinDetective is expected to become the most widely used AI-powered teledermatology smartphone app for detection of skin diseases and skin-care in South East Asia.