• Skin Detective: top 8th of the Vietnam National Start up Day Competition 2019

Skin Detective: top 8th of the Vietnam National Start up Day Competition 2019

Followed by the official National Announcement No 2417/ĐHKHTN-CTSV published on 5th August 2019, the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training had announced the relevant regulations and kick-off the start of a whole new, largest startup competition for undergraduate students from all universities in Vietnam. Such competition is called SV.STARTUP-2019.

The competition targets at startups that state themselves in the major of: Science, Technology, Industry, Product Manufacturing, Agriculture, Health, Education, Services, Tourism, Finance and other Business-related fields.

Within several weeks, the competition attracted more than 500+ teams among the country, and more than 5000+ students to enroll. Many Corporations, Companies gained their inspiration from this competition, and therefore joined to, first, ponder the proposed teams in the final rounds, and second to sponsor.

Challenging the competitiveness of the competition, SkinDetected arrived without hesitation and successfully overcome other 490+ teams to step in the Final round of top 10th most excellent startups on 4th and 5th October 2019. With passions and talents, our team gained top 8th of the competition and was awarded 10 million VND for the great effort.

The project received many attention from the public, companies and investors. At the moment, we are in the process of handling and discussing Co-operation Regulations with one of the most famous Incubator, SFly. Not stopping here, SkinDetective obviously would get more attention and improvements from there till the day of being recognized and widely known by the public. Keep track of us!